Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

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Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire: We were contacted by a client who had just purchased a beautiful cottage in Lancashire to move closer to family; the cottage needed some renovation work to bring it up to the client’s satisfaction. The kitchen cabinets were in very good order and the clients liked the kitchen layout but wanted to change the colour to match their taste. They had made some colour boards for the cottage showing the colour schemes throughout so with this in mind, we produced a variety of colour samples to fit in with these. The samples also showed the different sheen levels that the client had requested.and so we go to Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

The importance of choosing the right colour

This is an important part of the process to get a feel of the final look. Colour plays an important role in how a room will look and feel! Getting this right at this stage not only helps the project to run smoothly. In doing this keeps the project in budget and finished on time. The client chose to go with the equivalent colour to Studio Green by Farrow and Ball at a 30% sheen level. They had chosen a 30% sheen level as the kitchen cabinets had a grain effect and they wanted to highlight the grain; using a lower sheen level can minimise the grain effect. we are so proud of what we do Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

We started the project as with all our commissions, by protecting the kitchen areas with 1000 grade lining paper. This protects from paint and helps minimise any dust in the working area. The clients had new granite fitted that would be in keeping with the look they wanted to achieve. Once the preparation was completed, a specialist adhesion primer was applied giving a solid foundation to apply the topcoats.

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

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Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

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Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

On completion, all of the protection was removed and the kitchen was thoroughly cleaned. and so it begins

At hpkuk.com we have specialist kitchen and furniture painters throughout Lancashire. We produce some of the finest handpainted finishes in the UK. If you would like to see how hpkuk.com can help with your kitchen project, please contact us at info@hpkuk.com for advice and a free no obligation quote.

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Lancashire

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