Painting of a wooden kitchen in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire. I was contacted back in the summer by a client in Hitchin Hertfordshire. She was enquiring about having her wooden kitchen painted. I pointed her to several blogs showing befores and afters of how a kitchen could look on completion.

Photos were emailed to me and from these a full, concise and accurate quote was submitted and in turn accepted. Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire

A well planned kitchen with lots of useful cabinet space with the addition of a small island. All the bonuses required for making this a fantastic transformation. A request was also made with regards to spraying the brown pull out baskets and also to replace the handles. Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire

Keeping the kitchen looking fresh!

The kitchen was a light and airy room! Changing the cabinets to a painted finish would only enhance the reflective light. The worktops had also been replaced with silestone. This also gave a wonderful light area for working in.

Most projects like these I collect the doors, drawers and any removable items on the first day. This minimises the amount of disruption, especially for a young familiy. The work is then carried out in my workshop that is equiped with racks to place the doors after painting.Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire

The internal glazed cabinets were also brought in to give continuity to the new look. We did discuss leaving them in wood, but decided it would’nt quite work on this particular project. The sheen level used was an eggshell type finish which leaves a beautiful subtle sheen.and so cabinet painters hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshirekitchen painters hertfordshire

The cabinets were initially cleaned down with a citrous degreaser and then rinsed off. The adhesion primer was a high build oil based primer which gave fantastic grip to the existing lacquered finish. The Festool dustless sander took care of all the sanding and also kept the dust levels to an absolute minimum.binet painters hertfordshire

If you have a wooden kitchen and are considering a new look. Please contact us at

All we require are photos of each run of cabinets along with any close up shots of any damage. This will allow us to give you a full, concise and accurate quotation.

Thanks for reading this short blog and we look forward to hearing from you. and so

Kitchen cabinet painters Hitchin Hertfordshire


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