Transforming a Mark Wilkinson Cook’s Kitchen from wood to hand painted.

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen Surrey

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen cabinet painters London: We were commissioned to paint a Mark Wilkinson oak Cook’s kitchen. The clients had the kitchen installed around 17 years ago but felt they needed a change. They wanted a different look to the kitchen despite its original beauty; it was without a doubt very well built and undoubtedly still in good order. The clients wanted a contemporary twist to the look of the kitchen.

The Cooks kitchen is certainly one of the ranges that elevated Mark in the kitchen and furniture industry and since the design has been in the public domain, furthermore, it has been emulated many times. Normally we wouldn’t advocate changing the style of a high end bespoke kitchen with such a distinguished look; the designer has spent a lot of time perfecting the final look right down to the handles and hinges.

Mark Wilkinson kitchens are an investment and if looked after, can still retain a good second hand price as kitchens like these are built to last, After nearly two decades of use, the clients felt like a change and replacing a Mark Wilkinson kitchen with a new one can be a very costly endeavour. Mark Wilkinson Kitchen cabinet painters London

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen cabinet painters London

It should be noted that painting such a stunning bespoke wooden kitchen needs to be done properly!

As you would expect from a high end bespoke kitchen, the layout worked very well. It was decided to paint the kitchen and change the handles which the clients chose. We produced samples of colours that would work well for the final look.



in addition we absolutely love these kitchens

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen cabinet painters London

The colour for the kitchen was the equivalent to Moles Breath by Farrow & Ball with a 30% sheen level to show the grain of the oak. As you can clearly see from the final images, the clients have achieved the look they wanted at a fraction of the cost with replacing the kitchen.

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Mark Wilkinson Kitchen cabinet painters London