How durable will the paint finish be?

The products we use are used by the top end bespoke furniture companies, we have been painting kitchens with them for over 15 years and they have proved time and time again that there is nothing better on the market for your furniture.

Do you put a varnish on top of the paint?

As a rule we don’t, the paints are lacquer based so there is no need to put a varnish on top, a varnish can also discolour the final paint finish, even if they are acrylic.

What are the benefits of using a specialist kitchen painter?

A specialist kitchen painter will be more knowledgeable on the processes involved, from cleaning down and protecting your kitchen surfaces to applying the final finish. We have on occasions attended projects where a general handyman was used  at a cut down price and the results where less than favourable, the cost to rectify and put back to a showroom condition was significant, but then again it was an expensive kitchen.

Can I use my kitchen during the painting process?

We try to be as accommodating as possible, after all it is the main hub of the household. we apply protection in such a way that hobs and ovens can be used after our day has ended, the worktops can be used and kettles and toasters can be left out as we can move them when we are working near them.

Roughly how long will it take to paint my kitchen?

An average sized oak kitchen with approx 17 doors can take between 6-8 days.

How long have you been painting kitchens?

Each specialist kitchen painter has been painting kitchens for an average of 20 years full time.

Do you do kitchens further afield, ie: Spain or France?

A couple of the founding members have worked all over Europe and the Middle East, so Spain and France are not a problem.

How can you get an accurate quote just from photos?

Because we have been doing this for so many years, we know every process that is required, in all the years pricing from photos we have never had to increase the price of any kitchen from the original estimate, each specialist kitchen painter follows a tried a tested formula for pricing your project.

How long does the paint film stay tacky?

 The slowest of the drying paints would be the adhesion primer, this would still be touch dry within 1 hour, the top coats are touch dry within 30 minutes depending on room temperature.

Will i still see the grain on my oak doors?

At Hand Painted Kitchens UK we do not go down the route of grain filling as it is often expensive and also very time consuming, however, the results are very pleasing having applied the primers and top coats, you end up with a solid colour with some visible grain.