Hand Painted Kitchens UK: Our founding members Chris Graham and Kevin Mapstone have been hand painting kitchens since the late eighties at the very high end of the bespoke kitchen painting market. Hand Painted Kitchens UK

We have now put together a team of selected specialists that can cater for any type of kitchen. We are constantly looking at new products that come to the market, this ensures that the  best products are being used that are available.

Trends change, but one thing remains, painted kitchens will not go out of fashion, simply because a simple colour change gives you a complete new look. Hand Painted Kitchens UK

You can go a step further by replacing handles and worktops, the options are there for you to implement, with the help of Hand Painted Kitchens UK. you can achieve that look that you want.

Be it a modest 15 door oak kitchen or a 75 door bespoke Clive Christian kitchen, we can take care of your kitchen and provide the best hand painted finish using the best products that will give a durable and fluid finish. Hand Painted Kitchens UK

Our Story

We both started our own business in the mid 80’s spending many years perfecting our craft and working at the high end of the decorating industry. With our technical skills and a conscientious work ethic, we have both been rewarded with a varied and loyal clientele in the UK and internationally. HPKUK

We were both invited to join Mark Wilkinson Furniture Ltd specialist painting team and this is where we met and have been friends ever since.

Our passion and knowledge for painting bespoke kitchens and furniture blossomed into us working on numerous projects together not only with Mark Wilkinson but private clients and several international projects. HPKUK.

Having spent over 15 years painting kitchens and furniture for Mark Wilkinson and Smallbone, we both have a large portfolio of work to our names.

Over the years, we’ve had many clients come directly to us to repaint their bespoke kitchens. This in turn means the client benefits from a more tailored experience, we are well suited for this gap in the market where clients have access to  independent specialist kitchen painters at a realistic price. HPKUK

In the course of our careers, we have been extremely fortunate to meet many of the best kitchen and furniture painters practising within the United Kingdom and Ireland. We have formed an alliance of kitchen and furniture painting experts of which membership is solely by invitation.

The passion and work ethic of our team have brought us together to form Hand Painted Kitchens UK, years of experience and knowledge which is in place for your kitchen painting project.

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