Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire: We are well represented in Lancashire with three specialist to chose from. The decision is essentially taken when somebody who has a specific availability. You can rest in the knowledge knowing that your project is in good hands.

We get many enquiries in and around Preston from homeowners with a kitchen like the one below.

Looking slightly dated and taking on that orange appearance. A good quality kitchen and just seems sacrilige to rip out and replace.Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

The process of having your kitchen  painted.. Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

One of the most important part of this process is the preparation. It is essential that it is cleaned and made ready for the primer layer.

Depending on which specialist kitchen cabinet painter carries out the work, there is masking and sheeting to be put in place. This can be just a heavy quality lining paper to make it easy to keep clean. Some of the guys use corrugated card and some use foldable protective card.

These will all do the job perfectly!

Adhesion primer and top coats

A process that is critical to the longevity and above all the finished paint film. There are several variations depending on what your kitchen is also finished with. A decision will be made on that first day as to which primer will be best suited to the project.

Another thing to consider is sheen level. We work with eggshell and satin finishes. Eggshell being the one with least sheen and looks beautiful when complete.

Having carried out the above, the following images show the finished kitchen. Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

Alignment and so we can implement change

When the doors and drawers are being refitted, the kitchen cabinet painter will try to align the doors and drawers as best possible. The gaps may not be an issue because  it is a relatively simple process to make them look visually straighter. The devil is in the detail!

The existing handles were cleaned with a citrus cleaner and they looked as good as new. In this case, the handles had become quite sticky. The virosol took care of that!

Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

We never tire of transforming these wooden kitchens. The impact is huge and so the savings are vast. If you were to replace a kitchen like the one above, you could be looking at £15k upwards.

The upheaval would also be quite disruptive. This kitchen was never out of use during the whole process as each kitchen cabinet painter is as flexible as possible. Just something to consider if access to the kitchen is essential.

Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

The tiles on this project were to be re faced by a coloured glass which is to be completed after all painting was complete. The tops had a thin layer of granite over the existing tops giving the appearance of a thicker stone.  It all looked superb on completion.

A final clear up on the final day and to clean down any residual dust not caught by the dustless sander. This is normally minimal dust  caused by fine hand sanding.

All in all a beautiful new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

How to get a quote?

Just email some photos to or visit the contact page for a free no obligation quote.

We need to be able to see each individual cabinet run so we can count all the component parts.

If there are any areas of damage, please include a close up shot. and so we add this because?

Most importantly our thanks for reading this short blog about the process of painting a wooden kitchen. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kitchen cabinet painter Preston Lancashire

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