Re painting a Mark Wilkinson Kitchen with a Bollywood Twist in Berkshire

Mark Wilkinson Kitchen
Kitchen cabinet painters Windsor Berkshire. This was a great project for us as we had originally painted this beautiful kitchen around 8 years ago. The clients were also in the process of having their home decorated and wanted the kitchen repainted; We had originally produced this paint effect when the kitchen was installed. Furthermore, they loved the paint effect we had originally painted and wanted the exact same finish for this painting project.

Hand painted Mark Wilkinson Etruscan kitchen

Taking a leaf from the early Victorians is exactly how I created the Etruscan kitchen. The twisted pilasters, Egyptian hockey stick moulding, period architraves, and also Grecian dental moulding all go together to make a style that works well in a town or country house”Hand painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen

Mark Wilkinson

Producing the paint effect

Reproducing the same effect is not always that straight forward, as over the years your painting signature can change. With this in mind, I checked my notes to find the original paint recipes I had used in the base coats and glazes. The base coats were also produced in two colours, the darker colour for the panels, twisted pilasters and dental mouldings with the lighter colour used for the rest of the kitchen. Before we started we spent a period of time mixing the glazes to match the original ones and produced some samples for the client to approve.Hand painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen

Protecting the work area

With all our kitchen painting projects, we start by protecting all areas in the kitchen that are not being painted. The kitchen was degreased to remove any grease or dirt built up over the years, allowing a clean surface to fill and sand.  Base coats were applied which can be time consuming on a project like this as you have to pick out detailed items on the kitchen with all lines to be sharp when cut in. Once all base coats were completed, we mixed the glazes. These need to be mixed in a large enough quantity to allow enough not to run out part way through.Hand painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen
The hardest part of applying a glaze is making sure you use the same quantity, pressure and softening throughout the process. When applying the softening, it’s wise to keep standing back to look at the whole of the kitchen to keep the effect even. It’s important to allow enough drying time between glazes so not to re activate the previous glaze. Once all glazing was completed, we applied two coats of lacquer to protect the paint finish.Hand painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen

Kitchen cabinet painters Windsor Berkshire


Kitchen cabinet painters Windsor Berkshire


Kitchen cabinet painters Windsor Berkshire



Mood lighting

The clients had LED mood lighting throughout their home. This without a doubt gives this traditional Etruscan kitchen a Bollywood twist!

If you are looking to refresh a wooden or painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen, contact us at Our passion for kitchen and furniture painting is second to none. We can advise on colour choices and finishes to enhance the design elements of your kitchen. We have extensive international experience in painting Mark Wilkinson kitchens. Living outside of the United Kingdom is not an issue. Our aim is to give you a showroom kitchen and remember, not all kitchen painters are the same.

Kitchen cabinet painters Windsor Berkshire


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