Painting a beautiful bespoke kitchen in Twickenham

Kitchen cabinet painters Twickenham: 


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Twickenham has an extensive town centre and is famous for being the home of rugby union in England, with hundreds of thousands of spectators visiting Twickenham Stadium, the world’s largest rugby stadium, each year. The historic riverside area is also famous for its network of 18th-century buildings and pleasure grounds too, many of which survive intact. This area furthermore, has three grand period mansions with public access: York House, Marble Hill and Strawberry Hill House. Another has been lost, that belonging to 18th-century aphoristic poet Alexander Pope. Among these is the Neo-Gothic prototype home of Horace Walpole which has given its name to a whole district, Strawberry Hill, and is linked with the oldest Roman Catholic university in the country.

It is above all a pleasure to receive emails from clients who’s friends kitchen we painted! Furthermore, this was just that enquiry. The lady had poured over our blog section and furthermore found the perfect combination of colours. This is also another reason for doing blogs. Besides, prospective clients can indeed see your work. They can also glean ideas for their kitchen project.Hand painted kitchens Twickenham

We also try to keep blogs updated, to keep up with current trends. This also allows clients to toy with different colour schemes and additionally, idea’s for their project.

Photos were sent via our online form and I have put a selection of them below.Hand painted kitchens Twickenham

Photos of the project before painting

Kitchen cabinet painters Twickenham
Kitchen cabinet painters Twickenham

Before the work was undertaken, the client had made a couple of changes with the addition of a new door to the open island unit. There was also 2 x new drawers added rather than the wicker baskets. These proved to be more fuctional and a good addition to this already fabulous kitchen.Hand painted kitchens Twickenham

The first day on the job!

On most projects, the doors, drawers and also any components that can be removed are all removed and taken back to my workshop to be completed. On this project, Martin, who covers London helped painting all the fixed items and frames. This kept the disruption to a minimum and the job was completed over the course of 6 days.

As with many lay on kitchen doors, several alignment adjustments were made once the doors were fitted. This also straightens out any uneven or catching doors and drawers.

The images below show the completed project.

Hand painted kitchens Twickenham

Hand painted kitchens Twickenham

If you have a bespoke painted kitchen or a wooden kitchen that you would like to get a price for. Please get in touch for a free no obligation quote. We can also arrange for a colour card to be sent to you.

What we need!

  1. We need to see each run of cabinets to allow us to count up the doors, drawers and decor panels etc.
  2. A close up shot of any type of damage.
  3. Mention to us if you want to change handles.
  4. Let is know if you are considering new worktops.
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Kitchen cabinet painters Twickenham

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