Clive Christian kitchen cabinet painters London

Clive Christian kitchen

Clive Christian kitchen cabinet painters London

Clive Christian kitchen cabinet painters London: We were contacted by a client living in central London who had purchased a Clive Christian kitchen approximately 15 years ago. Additionally, the kitychen was finished with an antique glaze effect. Over time, the glaze had also discoloured and this hand painted kitchen was showing signs of wear and tear. As with the majority of kitchens over a period of time, they will  show signs of wear particularly around the sink, cutlery drawers and also the refridgerater.Hand painted kitchen

Before repainting Clive christian kitchen


The client wanted a fresh new look to the kitchen units iand also the table and chairs. We produced some samples and the client chose to go with vert de terre; this is without a doubt a beautiful fresh shade of soft green.Hand painted kitchen

Colours for 2020

Over the last few years, colour palettes have been mid tones with darker accent colours but we are starting to see the introduction of darker palettes which can make more of a statement in a kitchen. In 2020, I think we will see dark colours being used; greens, blues and greys are just a few palettes that I also think will become popular.Hand painted kitchen

Preparing a hand painted Clive Christian kitchen

First and foremost we start by thoroughly degreasing the units with an industrial degreaser which produces the perfect clean finish. The units are then sanded to give a key for the painting system and to remove any brush marks or defects from being previously painted. Following the preparation an adhesion primer is applied to give us the best foundation to work with. It should also be noted that any painting system is only as good as its foundation layer.Hand painted kitchen

Clive Christian Kitchen

Clive Christian Kitchen

Clive Christian Kitchen London

The kitchen was finished in a 30% sheen which highlights the mouldings and details that are the epitome of a hand painted Clive Christian kitchen. As can be seen in the final images, the transformation is stunning, The kitchen is refreshed and the finesse of the Clive Christian kitchen is enhanced.


Are you looking to have your kitchen painted?

If you have a bespoke painted kitchen or a wooden kitchen and you would like a costing to upgrade it, please get in touch for a free quote.Hand painted kitchen

What we need

  1. We need to see each run of cabinets to allow us to count up the doors, drawers and decor panels.
  2. A close up shot of any type of damage.
  3. Mention to us if you want to change the handles.
  4. Inform us if you are considering new worktops.

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