Repainting a 15 Year old Clive Christian Kitchen

Clive Christian Kitchens

Painting used Clive Christian kitchens: We were contacted by a client with a 15 year old Clive Christian kitchen which was starting to show signs of wear and tear as well as beginning to look a little dated. The client wanted to keep the opulent look but give it a modern twist.  The images below show the original colour and particularly the areas below the sink run where the paint system has broken down exposing the timber. This is certainly the right time to get your kitchen repainted as parts of the kitchen had no protection; at this stage it’s just not about the asthectics of the kitchen, it’s also about protecting the structure too.


clive christian kitchen before repainting


clive christian kitchen before repainting

The kitchen was stripped down so the doors etc could be prepared and painted at the workshop. All hardware is removed and attached to the inside of the unit and the doors and units are numbered making it easer when the kitchen is reassembled.

Work on site

The work on site starts by firstly protecting the work areas; we achieve this by taping lining paper to all worktops and also the immediate floor areas, including the internals of the units. Once the work space is ready, preparation starts by degreasing the units to remove any dirt and grease. This is a consequence in every kitchen and is only down to cooking residues..

Any large dents or holes are filled at this stage with two pack filler and then the kitchen is completely sanded down using our Festool dust extraction system. Special attention is also given to remove old brush marks and feather out any areas where the painting system has broken down, exposing the timber. The kitchen is completely cleaned at this stage and patch primed after which we apply an adhesion primer/undercoat over the whole of the kitchen; this gives a great foundation to apply any painting system. At this stage, fine surface filler is applied to any small defects and the whole kitchen is then sanded smooth by using fine sanding paper.

The client wanted a 30% sheen level to highlight the details of design. Two topcoats were applied to finish the new look. Once completed, the protection was removed and the kitchen was cleaned. As you can see from the images below the transformation is simply stunning.


Clive Christian Kitchen hand painted




Would you like the same look at a fraction of the price?

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Important things to also remember when following this route and to achieve the best results. Firstly is to commission a top class fitter with the experience in fitting bespoke kitchens. Secondly source a professional kitchen and furniture painter. This is where our specialist team members can help with your project. We can advise on various colour palettes to use to achieve the look you require and transform your used kitchen. For those looking to make large savings on their new bespoke kitchen, visiting the Used Kitchen Exchange Ltd is a great place to start. We in turn can price from photographs and links making it easier to get an idea on costing. If you would like more information on how we can help with your kitchen project, contact us on

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Painting used Clive Christian kitchens


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