A stunning Scotwood kitchen re paint with an equally stunning colour scheme in Berkshire.

Kitchen cabinet painter Newbury Berkshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Newbury Berkshire: We were contacted by a client with a Scottwood of Nottingham kitchen that had been damaged by a water leak and he had also decided that this would be an ideal opportunity to give the kitchen a new look and to refresh the whole room. The client had Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe as the main colour on the walls in the kitchen, they wanted a significantly lighter colour to compliment this. The darker tones on walls clearly make the cabinets stand out, in contrast, a lighter tone would not look as striking. After a consultation, samples were produced to show the different sheen levels that we can thus achieve. The client decided on an 8% sheen level; this worked very well with the rest of the decor and also gives a beautiful eggshell lustre.

The kitchen was stripped down with doors and drawer fronts removed and taken to and our workshop for completion and the kitchen was then protected to create a dust free working environment. The images below show the level of protection which is indeed our standard; this also makes it much easier to vacuum and enables us to keep dust to a minimum.

prep work on a kitchen Newbury Berkshire

Kitchen painting Newbury Berkshire

Preparation is key

The client had decided to change the cornice and handles to give a slight contemporary look to the kitchen whilst still retaining a traditional element. The kitchen is throughly degreased and also cleaned to give the perfect foundation for all the sanding and making good that needs to be done. We furthermore apply a specialist primer to act as a bridge between the original paint work and the new coating system. Fine sanding is also undertaken between each coat to help achieve our flawless finish. Kitchen cabinet painters Newbury

Kitchen cabinet painters Newbury Berkshire


Kitchen cabinet painters Newbury Berkshire


If you would like a unique new look for your kitchen, we can certainly work with you to achieve this; we have decades of experience working at the high end of the bespoke kitchen business. Over the years, we have produced some of the finest finishes in the country and have an extensive back catalogue of hand finished kitchens from Mark Wilkinson to Smallbone and Clive Christian to name but a few. Kitchen cabinet painters Newbury


If you have a bespoke painted or wooden kitchen that you would like to reinvent, please get in touch for advice and a free no obligation quotation.hand painted kitchens dorset

What we need

  1. We need to see each run of cabinets to allow us to count the doors, drawers and decor panels.
  2. Close up shots of any type of damage.
  3. Mention to us if you would like to change the handles.
  4. Let us know if you are considering having new work tops fitted. Hand painted kitchens Newbury

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Hand painted kitchens Berkshire

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