Painting and dragging a Smallbone kitchen in Henley on Thames.

Smallbone kitchen Henley

Kitchen cabinet painters Henley-on-Thames: We were contacted by a client who has a Smallbone of Devizes kitchen which was starting to show signs of wear and tear. It was originally painted with a dragged paint effect and the client wanted the same look reproduced. The kitchen was originally painted in an oil glaze paint effect which had discoloured over the years, so it was decided that we would replicate the effect in a waterborne glaze so discolouration wouldn’t be an issue.


With all our kitchen painting projects, the first thing we do is protect all areas not to be painted by taping down lining paper. The reason we use lining paper instead of dust sheets is it is easier to keep clean; moving dust sheets around can kick up dust into the air which in turn will settle on wet paint. The next stage is to degrease the units – it’s a surprise how much dirt and grease accumulates over time. We also sand the kitchen which not only flattens any heavy brush marks but creates a key for your painting system. We always use a high adhesion primer as this is the bridge between the old and new painting system.

Fine surface filler is applied to any dents and small pin holes which is then rubbed down to create a smooth flawless surface. This is a very important stage in the process as any defects will show after applying a dragged effect. We apply two full base coats to the units. This is in short is vital as any filler not fully covered will create a hot spot when applying the effect as it will absorb too much colour and show through. Our clients wanted a light drag effect without  it being too over powering.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Henley-on-Thames


Kitchen Cabinet Painters Henley-on-Thames


Kitchen Cabinet Painters Henley-on-Thames


In conclusion

As you can see from the images, the effect also gives a subtle depth to the look of the kitchen. We subsequently finish by applying two coats of lacquer to protect the paint effect.

If you are looking to refresh a wooden or painted Smallbone of Devizes kitchen, contact us at

Our passion for kitchen and furniture painting is second to none. We can advise on colour choices and finishes to enhance the design elements of your kitchen. We have extensive international experience in painting kitchens therefore living outside of the United Kingdom is not an issue. Our aim is to give you a showroom kitchen and remember, not all kitchen painters are the same.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Henley-on-Thames

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