Re painting a Mark Wilkinson Cooks kitchen in Hertford, Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire. Having worked at Mark Wilkinson for over 15 years, you have certain kitchens that you like to paint. The Cooks kitchen is certainly my favourite! The detailing on the doors and also the rounded corners give this stunning kitchen its unique look. The large cooks knobs however were no longer to the liking of this Hertfordshire client.Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire 

Mark Wilkinson Cooks Kitchen

The client also wanted to explore having new handles that were from a different Mark Wilkinson range called the new England. With this in mind I spoke to the client about contacting Mark Wilkinson head office about buying the New England cup handles. As a past client, he was certainly able to do this.

The kitchen was in relatively good condition, however, a good clean down and a sand would still be undertaken to prepare for the new paint colour.

Photos of the project before painting

Mark Wilkinson kitchen cabinet painter

The knobs are a signature look on this kitchen but not everyones cup of tea!

The first day!

Most kitchens that I paint at this time are partially completed in my workshop. It minimises disruption to the client and also the kitchen can be used as you would every day. It also means I can undertake any repairs easier. In this instance there were a couple of damaged doors that needed attention. The removal of the old Cooks Knobs can be tricky too as they are more often than not glued on. Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire

This was a requirement at Mark Wilkinson to stop the knobs from spinning or coming loose as they are so big.

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire

With the new handles fitted, this Cooks kitchen was given a unique new look. The new colour which is very similar to Amonite gave a fresh new look.

Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire

Kitchen cabinet painter hertford hertfordshire

The handles are not easy to fit. They are all indivudually cast so can be slightly different. The use oif a jig is out of the question, so, each handle is set out individually. Two sizes of holes have to be drilled and a countersonk on the back of each door hase to also be drilled out.

Hand painting or spraying kitchens

In conclusion

A very nice twist on this fabulous Mark Wilkinson kitchen. These kitchens will never date or go out of fashion. They are a timeless addition to any home, whatever style you may have.

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What we need! Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire

  1. We need to see each run of cabinets to allow us to count up the doors, drawers and decor panels etc.
  2. A close up shot of any type of damage.
  3. Mention to us if you want to change handles.
  4. Let is know if you are considering new worktops.
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Kitchen cabinet painter Hertford Hertfordshire