Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire

Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire: We were contacted by a client living in Swindon who wanted to see if it was possible to paint their kitchen. The kitchen was fitted when the house was built and being a high end property, the kitchen was made from good quality oak. The clients wanted a lighter look as they found they were having to keep the lights on during the day as the kitchen felt dark.Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire

We met with the clients and first of all talked through colour choices and sheen levels. It was decided that we would use a paint with 8% sheen level and the colour would be the equivalent to Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball.


Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire

Preparation is key!

The kitchen was consequently stripped down and labelled and taken to the workshop where the preparation began. The doors were degreased and cleaned and any major holes or cracks were filled. The doors were then sanded and cleaned down leaving a perfect finish for the primer. The primer we use is specially formulated to bond to the substrate and above all stops any tanning. Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire

After applying a primer and undercoat, topcoats were applied. The topcoat used is from the Tikkurila paint brand. These are specially formulated for kitchen furniture and gives a very durable finish. and so likewise it began

Once all the doors were completed similarly the same process was executed on the frames at the client’s home. All of  the doors were replaced, the protection was removed and the kitchen was cleaned. While the doors were being completed at the workshop, the client had a new island table fitted as they wanted it to match in with the dining table. Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire


Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire




As you can see from the photographs, the transformation is stunning. The room feels much brighter and the clients feel that they have a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

We are one of the largest groups of independent professional kitchen and furniture painters in the UK. If you would like to see how we can transform your kitchen, contact us on

Kitchen Painting Specialists Swindon Wiltshire

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