Mark Wilkinson kitchen painters Berkshire

Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire: Owning a Mark Wilkinson kitchen is like owning a piece of art. From conception to completion, the vision of Mark Wilkinson shines through. Mark Wilkinson’s discerning clientele expect not only a functional workspace but a bespoke experience second to none. In the kitchen industry, Mark is famous for changing the face of kitchen design in the UK by introducing different influences such as Gothic architecture, stone and marble worktops and American appliances. From the late 1970’s, Mark was at the cutting edge of kitchen and furniture design. Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire

We were commissioned by a Mark Wilkinson client in Maidenhead, Berkshire to repaint their Etruscan kitchen. Over the years, they had thoroughly enjoyed using their kitchen but felt it was time for a change. After meeting with the clients, it was evident that they love design with lots of unique elements around their home. Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire


Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire

The brief

The clients felt that the colour of the kitchen was starting to look dated and wanted something with a “wow” factor but not to detract from the design elements of the kitchen. After a colour consultation, we produced colour samples for them to live with for a few days to see how the colour suited the room. This is a great way to see how the colour will react to the available light and any incandescent lighting in the room. The colour we had suggested was Railings by Farrow and Ball and although the clients loved the idea, they were a little unsure about having the whole kitchen and utility room painted in this colour. It was decided to have a mix of colours with some units in Railings and some in Cornforth White. kitchen cabinet painters


Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire


Kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire


Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire


The work was completed while the clients were away with them returning on our last day. The clients reaction was indeed WOW! They loved the Railings colour but wished they had been brave enough to go with that colour throughout. We advised living with the colours for a period of time to see how they felt and we soon had a call to paint the other units the same colour. With a quick turnaround, we went back again changed the remaining units the colour to Railings. kitchen cabinet painters




As you can see, the clients have certainly achieved the wow factor they were looking for. If you would like to update and transform your kitchen with the expertise of HPKUK, please contact us on

Specialist kitchen painters Berkshire

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