Handmade Kitchens Direct of Christchurch

Handmade Kitchens Direct

Handmade kitchens direct Christchurch: When starting a kitchen project there are lots of things to consider, the first is utilising the space in the room to work the best for you. This can be producing storage solutions or spacious family areas.

I would suggest putting a mood board together with kitchen designs and layouts that you like and that would work well in the space you have as well as a colour palette that will portray the look and feel you want to achieve. The first minefield to work through is choosing the right kitchen for your budget; over the years having a handmade kitchen has been for those who have deep pockets and still is to a point.

Here at HPKUK.com we have years of experience working at the high end of the market, painting kitchens ranging from £50,000 to £400,000 (not including appliances!) We would be the first to admit that much of the time you’re paying for the name and not necessarily the quality. Handmade kitchens direct Christchurch

Handmade kitchens direct Christchurch

A few years ago we started to get a lot of commissions from clients who had purchased a kitchen from Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch so we started looking into the quality and designs of these kitchens. In the bespoke market, Handmade Kitchens Of Christchurch offer outstanding value and a good range of quality kitchens to choose from.


Handmade kitchens direct Christchurch

With high end bespoke kitchen companies, they would oversee the project for you from design to completion which can add considerable costs to the overall project. Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch supply the kitchen in a raw form which means it’s down to the client to source a fitter and painter to complete the project. This can provide substantial savings compared to a high end kitchen company. Here is a Handmade Kitchen of Christchurch kitchen which we have recently completed for clients in Reading.

Handmade kitchens direct Christchurch


Handmade kitchens direct Christchurch

The clients had designed the kitchen beautifully. The layout allowed for a large storage area behind a bank of tall units to one side of the kitchen, which made the island the main working space. With this amount of storage, the kitchen can be kept clear of any clutter giving a slightly minimalistic look, showcasing the kitchen at its best. The clients have chosen furniture and lighting that has not only stamped their identity on it but complemented the kitchen perfectly.



As you can see from the images of the kitchen, whether you’re an avid cook or not, the project has worked well producing a stunning looking space that anyone would be happy to entertain in. If you would like to see how we can help with your kitchen project, have a look at are other blogs about Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch and contact us on info@hpkuk.com.


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