Painting a new bespoke kitchen in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Buckingham Buckinghamshire: I received a call from a chap in Buckingham who in short wanted a new bespoke kitchen to be painted. He also stressed that it was on a bit of a deadline as he needed to move in. These particular projects can be a challenge at times, but nevertheless, a price was given and accepted.

On starting the project there was without a doubt a degree of chaos happening. In addition, there were several other trades working in the kitchen. We all liased and that access would be fine but most importantly there would be no dust created by power tools. All of this was agreed and the project furthermore did run smoothly, all the other trades completed what they needed to do and this clearly pleased the client.

On occasions you have to be flexible during your working day. This was a perfect example of that being put into place.hand painted kitchen buckingham

Collecting the doors

On the first day I removed doors and drawer fronts and loaded them into my vehicle to be completed in my workshop. One of the benefits of using a seven seater rather than a van was the ability to get the extra long items into my car without any difficulty whatsoever. The tall larder doors also fit neatly into the back with all the seats lowered. Had I brought my small van, I would have had to leave the long items behind.hand painted kitchen buckingham

Kitchen cabinet painters Buckingham Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Buckingham Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Buckingham Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painters Buckingham Buckinghamshire

The above photos show the completed kitchen, The tall doors were about to be fitted!

These projects do not necessarily have to be a nightmare! First and foremost I realise that other trades need to work in this important room of any house. The builders and carpenters in short were superb. Nothing was to much trouble and the project certainly ran without any delays.hand painted kitchen buckingham

Looking to have your kitchen painted?

If you have a bespoke painted kitchen or a wooden kitchen that you would like to get a price for. Please get in touch for a free no obligation quote.hand painted kitchen buckingham

What we need!

  1. We need to see each run of cabinets to allow us to count up the doors, drawers and decor panels etc.
  2. A close up shot of any type of damage.
  3. Mention to us if you want to change handles.
  4. Let is know if you are considering new worktops.
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Kitchen cabinet painters Buckingham Buckinghamshire

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