Painting a wooden Magnet kitchen in Bicester, Oxfordshire

kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

During the last 12 months, there has been an increase in people painting their wooden kitchens. This is a without a doubt a fantastic method of completely changing the look of your kitchen at a faction of the cost of replacement.

Many of these kitchens that were being painted, the clients were looking to move and also wanted to brighten the kitchen space without paying out to much money.

This job was to brighten the space on a perfectly functional kitchen. It had just started to look tired and the clients especially needed a change.

The images below show the kitchen prior to painting.


As you can see by the photos above, the kitchen is in great condition. To replace this would also cost in the region of £15-£20k for a like for like kitchen inc removal installation and new tops.

After several conversations with the client, explaining the process and advice on colours a date was confirmed.

Covid 19 oak kitchen painting

Prior to starting any project the client is also informed of what will happen and what procedures are followed to keep in line with government guidelines. Just a few basic rules that keep the client and myself safe.

On the first day, the doors and drawer fronts are collected, numbered and loaded into my vehicle for safe transport to my workshop. This minimises my site time and is also much less disruptive for the client.

The items are then cleaned down, sanded, filled and then primed allowing for fine filling in between coats to pick up areas that are highlighted by the primer. Good practice is to keep it simple! good adhesion primer and topcoat and suitable fillers for each job. I also use fine tipped synthetic brushes that leave a flawless finish without any unsightly brushmarks. kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

Brushmarks kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

The biggest misconception by a few clients is will you see any brushmarks! The simple answer is no. No unsightly or uneven brushmarks will be visible. kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

Top coats are slightly thinned to allow a good flow and the finish that is achieved is a smooth even finish that will last. kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

painting oak kitchens

kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire


kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire




All in all, a great transformation! The kitchen looks superb and a very happy client.

If you are interested in getting a no obligation quote, then please get in touch.


A brief description of your project and some photos. You can also Whatsapp the images to us on 07973 343252.

1. We need to see each run of cabinets, this allows us to count the doors, drawers and also any component that will be to paint.

2. It is also important to attach any close up images of any significant damage. kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

3. Please, also make a note on your message if you require new handles or knobs to be fitted. We have a couple of links to online handle suppliers that we can send to you.

4. Please mention if you require new worktops, We can give you details of Granite and Corian installers and suppliers. kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire

5. We need approx 5-7 images to give you a full and concise quote, it also gives us more information to keep the quote as precise as possible. oak kitchen painting

6. If you are unsure of the type of images we require, just have a look at the blog section by clicking here

kitchen cabinet painters Bicester Oxfordshire