Transforming and oak farmhouse style kitchen in Aston Clinton, Bucks.

Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

A short blog by Chris Graham about a recent project in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire.

Aston Clinton is a historic village and civil parish in the Vale of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England. The village lies at the foot of the Chiltern Hills, between the Wendover and Aylesbury arms of the Grand Union Canal. Surrounding towns include Wendover to the south, Aylesbury to the west, and also Tring to the east – across the nearby county border with Hertfordshire. Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

i was contacted by a chap who had a lovely oak french country style kitchen, but wanted to lighten the kitchen and give it a fresh new look. I visited the project and noticed quite few doors and draers were not quite aligned properly. A discussion took place about colour and also if I could try and straighten up some of the doors. Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

As a rule of thumb, I make no promises as to what I can do, but on this occasion, only few shims were required to stop the doors from binding.

The images below are of the kitchen prior to painting. Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

As you ca see, a nice style of kitchen, just looking a bit tired. Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

Day 1

The first day, I remove all doors, drawer fronts and plinths. This is a standard procedure nowadays which minimises site time and also minimises disruption.

The doors are marked and then neatly stacked into my vehicle, then taken back to my workshop. The doors are arranged in size order to allow for easier stacking on my drying racks.


Cleaning and sanding the doors is a vital part of the process. Dustless sanding equipment allows for this process to be carried out without plumes of dust particles flying around in the workshop. On completion of the prep, the items are given a coat of high build adhesion primer. It is important that the correct primer is used for each project. This has to be decided on seeing the kitchen, you can then make a judgement call in which will be best for the doors you have.


I used a water based enamel with a 10% sheen level on this particular project. The 10% sheen is very much like the old style eggshell finish which gives a beautiful lustre and not overly shiny.

The finished photos below

Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

Quite a transformation and the couple were thrilled with the results.

I received an email from them as follows.

” Dear Chris

Greg and I are delighted with the fantastic job you did painting our kitchen it has really given it a new lease of life.  We admire your professionalism and it was a pleasure to have your company  while working on site.  It was well worth the wait!

With our very best wishes

Greg and Liz “

These comments mean a lot to me, as a lot of effort goes into each and every project that I do, so thank you Greg and Liz.

In Conclusion

All in all, a great transformation! The kitchen looks superb and also a very happy client.

If you are interested in getting a no obligation quote, then please get in touch.

What we need to put a quote together for you.

A brief description of your project and some photos. You can also Whatsapp the images to us on 07973 343252.

1. We need to see each run of cabinets, this allows us to count the doors, drawers and also any component that will be to paint.

2. It is also important to attach any close up images of any significant damage.

3. Please, also make a note on your message if you require new handles or knobs to be fitted. We have a couple of links to online handle suppliers that we can send to you.

4. Please mention if you require new worktops, We can give you details of Granite and also Corian installers and suppliers. Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton

5. We need approx 5-7 images to give you a full and concise quote, it also gives us more information to keep the quote as precise as possible. oak kitchen painting

6. If you are unsure of the type of images we require, just have a look at the blog section by clicking here

Hand painted kitchen Aston Clinton


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