Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters covering Bath, Somerset

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Bath Somerset: We know how difficult it can be find  specialist kitchen painters in Somerset, so why choose us? We are one of the largest groups of independent kitchen and furniture painter in the UK, with decades of experience. Working at high end of the kitchen for many years our members have been producing some of the finest finishes in the UK and internationally. Wether your kitchen is solid wood, vinyl wrap, bare or a newly insulated primed kitchen we have the expertise to transform it into a showpiece. Our expertise is producing fine finishes on high end kitchen furniture like Mark Wilkinson, Smallbones and Clive Christian to name a few.

Kevin, who is our specialist kitchen cabinet painter for Bath, Somerset and parts of Northern France.has an array of kitchens that he has completed in this beautiful county.

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Bath Somerset

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Bath Somerset

Having spent decades working at this level, we understand that achieving a high end finish starts with good preparation. With all our specialist kitchen cabinet painting projects we start by protecting your surfaces in the kitchen. Each kitchen is fully prepared and specialist primers are applied. This gives the best foundation for the following layers.

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Bath Somerset

Adhesion primer is key!

We use the same painting system that many of the high end kitchen companies use on their kitchen cabinets. This system not only gives a beautiful finish but a durable one. We offer all our clients a free colour consultation. We can also help create a colour palette that looks stunning in your home.

As an independant group of Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters, we undertake every project with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Bath Somerset

If you would like some inspiration for your kitchen project please look through the rest of our blogs and portfolio. You can also contact us for a free colour guide to help with your project. Our passion for kitchen and furniture painting shines through with the standard of our finish.


For a free no obligation quote or a free colour guide contact us or email info@hpkuk.com

If you can email photos of each cabinet run. This enables us to gcount up all the components of your kitchen meaning a full, conmcise and accurate quote.

Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Painters Bath Somerset

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