Mark Wilkinson specialist kitchen & furniture painters

Mark Wilkinson specialist painters

Mark Wilkinson Furniture Ltd is a luxury bespoke kitchen and furniture manufacturing company. In the late 1970s Mark Wilkinson was asked to design a kitchen for the wife of Chris Wright, owner of Chrysalis Records. It didn’t take long for the word to spread! In 1978, he and some friends formed the Smallbone company which developed a great following. It was in the early 1980s that Mark went out on his own.M

ark Wilkinson specialist painters

In the kitchen industry. Mark was famous for changing the face of kitchen design in the UK. He introduced different influences such as Gothic architecture, stone and marble worktops and American appliances. Mark Wilkinson specialist painters

At HPKUK we hold Mark Wilkinson Kitchens and Furniture in very high regard! We are a little biased as the two founding members of HPKUK worked with Mark Wilkinson for around 15 years. A large percentage of the team have also worked for Mark Wilkinson Kitchens and Furniture with some still taking regular commissions from them.

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Mark’s passion for kitchen and furniture design was infectious and has grown our passion for kitchen and furniture painting. Over the years working with Mark Wilkinson, we had regular commissions producing not only high end painted finishes but complex paint effects which could consist of 8 layers of glaze and two coats of lacquer. Working with the company included a lot of travelling not only around the UK but internationally.



At HPKUK we offer a repaint service for your Mark Wilkinson kitchen, so why choose us? Over the years of working with Mark Wilkinson, we could say that collectively we have painted more Mark Wilkinson kitchens than any other kitchen painting company. We understand the design elements and the ethos of the Mark Wilkinson brand. By choosing us to paint or repaint your kitchen, you will be cutting out the middle man and potentially save a vast amount of money.

Unfortunately, Mark Wilkinson passed away in 2017 but he left a beautiful legacy. A quote from Mark sums up kitchen design for us.

“Design has to say quality, lifestyle and for me, England,” 

Mark Wilkinson specialist kitchen painters