The painting of a wooden kitchen in Bramcote, Nottingham

Hand painted kitchen Nottingham

Kitchen Cabinet painters Bramcote Nottingham: Finding specialist kitchen cabinet painters in Nottinghamshire can be a dilemma. We have seen a large amount of decorators now trying their hand at kitchen painting but when you consider the amount of time and experience it takes to become a professional kitchen and furniture painter, who can you trust to transform your kitchen? Kitchen Cabinet painters Bramcote Nottingham

Specialist cabinet painters

In a thriving market where the need for specialist kitchen painters is at an all time high, Hand Painted Kitchens UK ( are a select group of individuals who specialise in kitchen cabinet painting. Our passion for the work we do is second to none and is apparent in the work we produce. have been working at the high end of the kitchen painting industry for decades and can help you to achieve that high end finish on your kitchen.

We are finding many people have a good quality kitchen but with trends over the years, their kitchen can look dated and in need of an upgrade. Once you look into replacing your kitchen, you soon realise the cost this can incur as well as the enormous upheaval; this is were we can help. By having your kitchen professionally painted, we think you would be astounded by the end result.


Kitchen Cabinet painters Bramcote Nottingham


All of our team members above all are meticulous in protecting and preparing your kitchen; this is very important as this is the foundation for the paint system we use. With all our projects we use the finest materials and our paint system is specifically formulated for kitchen painting. Furthermore, this gives a beautiful and durable finish. When you book a kitchen painting project with we offer you a free colour consultation. This will help choose the correct colour to make your dream kitchen become a reality.


Kitchen Cabinet painters Bramcote Nottingham


Kitchen Cabinet painters Bramcote Nottingham


As you can see from the final images, the transformation is incredible and above all a fraction of the cost of replacing the kitchen. We believe this is money well spent. With the kitchen being the hub of most homes! It becomes a pleasure to be in! If you are considering selling your home, a good quality kitchen can help the sale immensely. If you would like to see how can help transform your kitchen, please contact us at

Kitchen Cabinet painters Bramcote Nottingham

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