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Kitchen and furniture painters. 1982 onward

 Hand Painted Kitchens UK are all like minded individuals with a main objective in the success of providing quality specialist kitchen painters across the UK and Ireland.itchen and furniture painters

Specialist kitchen painters

Each member has proven background in the industry and have been painting furniture for at least 25 years. In that time they have experienced recessions and also companies going bust.

Bad workmanship and management practices were also evident. With this in mind they have still come through with an exceptional degree of knowledge and experience within the industry. Many of the founding members have worked at top end companies like:

Specialist kitchen painters

  • Campbell Smith and Co Ltd

  • Mark Wilkinson

  • Smallbone of Devizes

  • Tom Howley

Specialist kitchen painters

We also have an impressive list of VIP clients. This would always be kept under wraps as we take client confidentiality very seriously.

Specialist kitchen painters

Going back to the early days of furniture painting.

Many furniture painters used a tried and trusted paint system of oil based eggshell/satinwood onto factory primed cabinets. This was a solid paint system and always gave fine results time and time again.

The drawback of course was that oil based paints were not ideal in lots of instances.

Specialist kitchen paintersSite work was always one of the major headaches when applying oil.  Numerous other trades had to work in the same area as the furniture was being painted and this in turn created fine dust which used to settle in the wet paint film.

This in turn meant the the finish was unacceptable to the painter and to the client. Trying to have an area sealed of was always problematic as it meant cutting of access to other trades.

We were always the ones that were labelled primadonnas wanting a heated and dust free area to work in. We only wanted what was best to provide as near to a showroom finish as possible.

Acrylic paints were not really an option back in the mid 1980’s as they were not durable enough to cope with the rigours of everyday life in the kitchen and certainly weren’t as widely available as they are nowadays.

Specialist kitchen painters

Many companies turned to varnish as a protective layer but this created its own problems with the yellowing of the varnish layer and thus changing the colour completely in a relatively short space of time. One of the favoured varnishes was Craig and Rose extra pale. This gave a beautiful smooth and fluid finish to paint effects that were applied.

Specialist kitchen painters

In the kitchen and furniture painting industry the 1990’s saw a resurgence in paint effects. There were many different specs flying around from silk emulsion as a base (Which we would never recommend) to eggshell bases and even some acrylic eggshells were introduced.

These broken colour glazes were applied then a lacquer/varnish applied on top. Polyvine was a popular lacquer for finshing. A good waterborne laquer that was easy to apply and had a smooth and durable top.

Chris Graham and Kevin Mapstone were working at Mark Wilkinson and Smallbone through this period and devised many of the paint effects used at that time. Since then Chris and Kev have returned to apply a new single flat colour scheme to many of the kitchens that had paint effects. Many owners of Mark Wilkinson kitchens that are new or old still get in touch today as they have confidence with our workmanship.

The major benefit of having a painted kitchen is that you can change the look of your kitchen and update thSpecialist kitchen painterse colour without the cost and upheaval of replacing. You don’t necessarily have to have a painted kitchen to start with. We at HPKUK can bring alive wooden kitchens that you thought you might have to replace.

We approached the millennium with new products to work with and new methods in kitchen painting. Bespoke furniture companies were starting to thrive and the need for  professional kitchen and furniture painters was evident in the amount of work that used to be offered to us.

This also created a bit of a problem in that people were coming in to the industry without any training or even knowledge of the painting industry and trying their hand.

Companies were desperate for specialist kitchen painters and often employed people on their word as they were so busy! This turned out to be quite catastrophic in some instances as kitchens were left after 1 or 2 days in quite a mess with little or no appreciation for the property they were working in or the furniture itself.

Results can only be gained through experience! You can’t just declare yourself as a specialist kitchen painter overnight. There are plenty of them out there but you certainly will not find any linked to Hand Painted Kitchens UK. We have over 2o years experience in the industry working on painted kitchens day in and out.

We work hard at what we do and we preserve the skill that we have. This in turn allows us to present options to a client who are considering painting or re-painting their kitchens. Our knowledge of primers and undercoats to the final finish are second to none.

Specialist kitchen painterskitchen and furniture painters

As the popularity of painted furniture grew through the 90’s and into the noughties the kitchen and furniture painting specialist  became highly sought after. The ones with a broader skill set where paint effects could be applied and gilding (Gold leaf) and colour consultations be offered were inundated with work.

Specialist kitchen paintersInto the present day we find a lot of kitchen and furniture painters across the UK and Ireland and would like to think that many of them will soon be part of our growing network. So wherever in the UK and Ireland you are, there is always a specialist that can price the work for you.

We will be the place to go if you are looking at having your kitchen or furniture transformed.


Hand Painted Kitchens UK will not be the cheapest option. Its not “Just a coat of paint” We apply the knowledge that we have into every project that we undertake and different paint schemes that are used in accordance to each project.

It is vitally important that the correct primers are used so that the topcoats adhere and give a lasting finish.

kitchen and furniture painters

Specialist kitchen painters

Specialist kitchen painters