Painting a bespoke kitchen in Windsor, Berkshire.

Kitchen painters Berkshire

Specialist kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire: Firstly, we were contacted by a client who was looking to get their bespoke kitchen repainted. The client was a semi-retired developer also with a lot of experience with installing bespoke kitchens into his high end projects. The client had chosen the colours and the sheen level he wanted and samples were produced to confirm the client’s choices.

The kitchen was originally painted with a decorative paint effect giving it an antique aged effect. The client, however, now wanted a more modern twist to this traditional bespoke kitchen.

Preparation of the kitchen

The first stage was to apply protection to all the areas that were not being painted. This is a very important process as it not only protects from paint spills but helps with keeping the area dust free. The use of dust sheets can kick up dust into the air and settling on the paint film. We started by degreasing the units with an industrial cleaner making the surface totally clean. We also use a dust free sanding system to keep any dust down to a minimum. Dustless sanding allows us to work quickly in a clean environment throughout the project.bespoke kitchen painting

Painting the units

Once all the preparation was completed, we applied an adhesion primer. This is an important part of the process as having a good foundation is key to maintaining a durable paint finish. Once the primer has been applied we apply fine surface filler to any small dents and cracks. This is then sanded using a fine paper leaving a perfectly smooth finish ready for the coating system. We applied an undercoat and two topcoats to achieve the finish the client was looking for.bespoke kitchen painting

Specialist kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire

Specialist kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire


As you can see from the final images, the brief had been met giving the traditional bespoke kitchen a modern twist. The client had opted for a 30% sheen level to highlight the traditional moulding on the kitchen. At all of our professional kitchen and furniture painters have years of experience of working with different colour palettes. We can also put together the perfect scheme to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. If you would like more information on how we can help with your kitchen project, please contact us at We also offer advice on buying new or pre-owned kitchens, worktops or just advice on bespoke kitchen painting.

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Specialist kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire

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