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Painting a wooden kitchen

Painting wooden kitchens

Painting wooden kitchens and the benefits

Painting wooden kitchens is by far the most cost effective way of transforming one of the most important rooms in the house. Most people’s idea of refurbishing a kitchen would never cross their mind as it would just seem to messy or not practical.

Painting a wooden kitchen
If you look at the cost implications of replacing a kitchen that has approx 15 doors and mantle or cooker canopy along with an integrated fridge freezer and a built in oven with drawers and a couple of open cabinets.

Even a basic kitchen from B and Q you are looking at paying approximately £10k.

If you are going down the bespoke route then you could be looking at a minimum of £15-£20k. But then there is the cost of removing the old kitchen and the work involved in prepping for the new kitchen.

Painting a wooden kitchen
Rather than remove a perfectly good and functioning kitchen the option to paint is ever greater. The techniques and materials that we use mean the transformation and results can be transformational.

Painting wooden kitchens

Drag the central arrows across the image below to see before and after shots.


Percentage of the types of kitchens we do

  • 90%

    Painting wooden kitchens

  • 80%

    Mark Wilkinson Kitchens

  • 75%

    Smallbone kitchens

  • 70%

    Bespoke kitchens

  • 55%

    Factory finished kitchens

  • 88%

    Oak kitchens


All the component parts of a kitchen that we paint

Painting wooden kitchens

The arrows below point to the main areas on the kitchen that we paint.

We try to strip down as much of the kitchen as possible including appliance doors removed for complete painting and anything else that can be removed.

On occasions the doors will be taken away to a workshop where they can be fully prepared and painted.

The components that are fixed will be painted in situ. This means the minimal amount of disruption and the kitchen can be used as normal.

Painting wooden kitchens

Painting wooden kitchens in this manner means that transition joins can be filled.

This gives the kitchen a much better look as no gaps and joins are visible.


Protection Painting a wooden kitchen

Protecting the kitchen for hand painting

As you can see in the image below. Protection is applied to the floor and worktops. Which makes for easy clean up and any paint spots are caught by the protection.

This is an intrinsic part of the project and is often over looked. A small amount of time can often pay dividends as it looks like the kitchen painter is making great efforts to protect worktops and flooring.

Time and time again we see dust sheets polythene and newspaper. These do have their uses but not as a fixed protection for floors and worktops.

Dust sheets can hold lots of dust and fibres that can enter the atmosphere and in turn lay on to the wet paint film. This will give a rough feeling to what essentially should be a smooth silky finish.

Painting wooden kitchens


Painting an existing bespoke hand painted kitchen

The painted finish that we apply is nothing less than showroom quality.

Painting a wooden kitchen

This is where the HPKUK team have cut their cloth so to speak. Working on bespoke hand painted kitchens from a primed door up to final finish. Painting a wooden kitchen

This has given us a real head start and the majority of the team having worked for companies like.

Mark Wilkinson


ainting a wooden kitchen

Working alongside designers and architects who want perfection to the product that they have installed. The finish that we apply is nothing less than showroom quality. Painting a wooden kitchen

We are more than happy to offer colour consultation as part of our service and we can also arrange for colour swatches to be delivered to you. We want to make every effort so that the painting project is as effortless as possible.

Many of our past clients leave testimonials for us to show prospective clients and one of the often used terms is.

I can’t thank you enough for transforming my tired old oak kitchen into a bright and light rejuvenated workspace.

Another remark that we often receive is. Painting a wooden kitchen

I expected there to be quite a bit of mess and disruption to life while the work went on but this was so minimal that it hardly affected us so thank you also for this. Painting a wooden kitchen

Painting a wooden kitchen

What is it going to cost me to paint my kitchen?

How long is a piece of string? Not a term we would use. We use tried and trusted methods in pricing here are a few examples below.

A 15 door wooden kitchen with 3 end panels and 4 pan drawers with an extractor canopy (To be painted) would come in approximately £1,600.00 inc materials. Painting a wooden kitchen

A 20 door previously painted kitchen. 6 drawers a mantle and 4 end panels in reasonable condition would come in approximately £1,900.00 inc materials. Painting a wooden kitchen

These prices reflect the amount of work that goes into painting your kitchen. From de-greasing to applying the final knob and removing all protection and cleaning up. Painting a wooden kitchen

We will also replace old knobs with new knobs for free if there is no drilling or filling and the new knob is going in the same position. If you want to re position knobs or apply handles instead of knobs this can be done by our kitchen painters at a rough cost of £200.00 for an average sized kitchen. Painting a wooden kitchen

You can also request a copy of a small programme that was put together to assist with the estimating of painting a kitchen and to give you a fair idea on costs.

If you send a request to info@hpkuk.com and in the subject line type in “kitchen calculator” We will then send you the calculator so you can work it out for yourself.