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Painting kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets.

The pros and cons!

pros and cons

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most cost effective projects in the home. This can improve a tired looking wooden kitchen or even brighten up a painted or factory finished kitchen.

Many home owners look to the kitchen as the hub of the houseshold. It needs to be bright and fresh  not only to prepare food but to socialise.

Would painting my kitchen cabinets be a simple process?

Like everything the work is in the preparation! Some homeowners do find the thought of cleaning down or degreasing and sanding  quite daunting and it can be.

If you are quite methodical it can be a job you can do yourself. If you are prepared to put the time and effort into the menial jobs such as the prep.

This is the area of the project that most people fail. Not identifying the finish that you have so you can choose a suitable primer and the cleaning down and removal of cooking residues.

The keying of the existing finish and then the correct finish to use which is durable and will stand up to day to day use.

A recent kitchen that was priced up By Chris Graham was such a job. The kitchen was quite an expensive oak kitchen which was painted in emulsion and then varnished. This would not be a system that we would recommend for painting kitchen cabinets as it is riddled with issues.

Adhesion of the emulsion to the existing finish would be minimal and the use of emulsion would not stop any tanning from the oak bleeding through and applying a varnish to the emulsion would eventually change the colour.

Using the correct primer is pivotal to any project involving painting kitchen cabinets as this is where the Hand Painted Kitchens UK team come to the fore.

Painting kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinetsPainting kitchen cabinets

With every project that we price up, every detail is taken care of. We can identify the kitchen from very simple photographs and give a full and concise quote.

An example being we would not order primer until we have started the project. This allows us to identify the existing finish and in turn order the correct primer to gain maximum adhesion.

This also allows us to get a general feel of the kitchen and to discuss the level of sheen required. This can then be ordered along with the primer. The products that we use are specialist products and not available widely.

We only order from  stockists with a next day delivery option.

We do not want to discourage people from painting kitchen cabinets as it can be a very rewarding project. All we want to do is to maybe give some guidance on whats involved.

Our client testimonials say it all really! We are not the cheapest option when you are considering painting kitchen cabinets.

We get many calls saying that we have found a painter who is cheaper! Painting kitchen cabinets is a specialist job and should be done in such a way that it will last. This however should not be viewed as a cheap fix.

Other options include replacing the doors and drawers altogether.

The only problem we see with this option is that all the other components of the kitchen would remain untouched. The fixed plinths and frames cannot be removed and also the canopy or cooker hood, cornice, light pelmet and even down to the filing of the transition joins between decor panels and the wall.

These are what you need to look at if you are thinking of going down this route.

Another option is having the doors and drawers sprayed. The same problem as replacing the doors and drawers still arise but  some guys at Hand Painted Kitchens UK have a full spray set up like the one below which is a HVLP system and would take as much of the kitchen away to their workshop as possible and finish on site all the components that are fixed.

Painting kitchen cabinets

Spray painting kitchen cabinets

If this is an option that you want to explore and want a sprayed finish then please mention this in your initial enquiry and the relevant specialist will be put in touch with you.

We hope this has given you a bit of food for thought with regards to painting kitchen cabinets. It needn’t be an intimidating project but also it shouldn’t be looked upon as a cheap fix. A phrase often used  by Red Adair that we like to use here at Hand painted kitchens UK is as follows.

Painting kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets