Painting a Smallbone wooden kitchen in Central London

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Smallbone kitchen cabinet painters London: We were contacted by a client who was in the process of refurbishing their London home and had a wooden Smallbone kitchen with a painted island. The clients felt the kitchen area appeared dark during the day and needed lights on throughout the day. We had a meeting with the clients to choose colours and to discuss the look they wanted to achieve. We produced samples to show how the colour would behave with the ambient and incandescent lighting in the room during the day and at night.

Smallbone kitchen cabinet painters London


As you can see from the image of the original wooden kitchen, even with the lights on during the day the kitchen felt dark. The client chose a 10% sheen level for the final paint finish so the wood grain wouldn’t be to prevalent. Smallbone bespoke kitchens are at the high end of the market and their build quality makes them a great investment. These can be enjoyed decade after decade. The design of the kitchen didn’t look dated but the room seemed dull.

Can wooden kitchens be painted?

Yes! but there are special processes that need to be completed to achieve a truly hand painted durable finish. This starts with degreasing the kitchen to remove any traces of grease and dirt that accumulates over the years. On wooden kitchens, we use a special primer not only to adhere to the wooden units but to stop any tanning coming through the paint system. With the priming completed an undercoat and two topcoats are applied.

kitchen cabinet painters London

kitchen painters London


As you can see from the final images, the transformation is stunning. Over the years we have transformed many Smallbone kitchens especially their limed oak kitchens. Thes were very chic 25-30 years ago and now just look slightly dated. At a large percentage of our team have worked on Smallbone of Devizes kitchen projects with some still taking regular commissions. We understand the processes involved and how to achieve the painted finish that Smallbone clients expect for their bespoke kitchen. If you would like your Smallbone kitchen transformed or repainted contact us on

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Smallbone kitchen cabinet painters London

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