Mark Wilkinson Etruscan Kitchen


“Taking a leaf from the early Victorians is exactly how I created the Etruscan kitchen. The twisted pilasters, Egyptian hockey stick moulding, period architraves, and Grecian dental moulding all go together to make a style that works well in a town or country house”

Mark Wilkinson

HPKUK have decades of experience painting Mark Wilkinson kitchens and furniture with the Etruscan being one of our favourite styles. When a hand painted kitchen starts to wear, it shows the history of your interaction with the kitchen, from splashing wine to spilling food. Over the years, your kitchen goes through a lot and when it goes pass the point of reminiscing about a stain here and a dent there, it starts to look tired. This is the time to call HPKUK.

We offer a service to restore your Mark Wilkinson kitchen back to its original condition, whether it requires a paint effect or a modern palette of colour.

We were contacted by a Mark Wilkinson client to restore their kitchen and to change the colour.

The client had chosen a colour which we supplied a sample of to show the sheen level. As with most kitchens requiring repainting it needed degreasing, filling and sanding. We used an adhesion primer/undercoat mixed to the final colour and then applied two coats of top coat with a 10% sheen level.


As you can see the transformation is spectacular. We hope you can see our passion and extensive knowledge which shows through the completed project.


If you are looking to refresh a wooden or painted Mark Wilkinson kitchen, contact us at and see how we can transform it. Our passion for kitchen and furniture painting is second to none. We can advise on colour choices and finishes to enhance the design elements of your kitchen. Don’t worry if you don’t live in the UK as we have extensive international experience in painting Mark Wilkinson kitchens. Our aim is to give you a showroom kitchen and remember, not all kitchen painters are the same.

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