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Kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset: We were contacted in the summer by a client living in Bristol who were in the process of ordering a bespoke kitchen from Handmade Kitchens Direct. They wanted to get an idea of costings to have it hand painted. They had some visuals produced for the layout they wanted. These give a good representation of how the final project will look and are perfect for us to work out the costing.

Bespoke kitchen companies normally have around a three month lead time. On occasions this can be longer depending when you order your kitchen. The client had two main criteria, the first being they wanted a hand painted not a sprayed finish. I personally think this is the right finish to have on a bespoke kitchen as a sprayed finish can give a generic look. The second request was that they wanted it completed for Christmas.

The client had searched Google and found many companies that spray kitchens but only a few that produced an artisan hand painted finish. The client contacted us as not only are we incredibly experienced at hand painting high end kitchens  but fortunately, we could also schedule the work to be completed for Christmas due to delays with the builder on another commission.kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset


kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset


Colour choice

With a large back catalogue of Handmade Kitchens Direct projects in our portfolio, we could show the client images of different colour schemes we had produced for Handmade Kitchens Direct customers. The client found it very helpful to see combinations of colours on a kitchen of the same style. We understand how difficult it can be to choosing the right colour palettes to work best therefore we offer a free colour consultation to all our clients

Handmade Kitchens Direct

Handmade Kitchens Direct have been trading for approximately 19 years and produce fantastic bespoke kitchens. The price is incredibly competitive when compared to high end bespoke kitchen companies. The client just requires minimal organising such as the need to arrange and schedule fitting and of course the painting. These two elements are imperative to achieve a flawless finish. Many high end kitchen companies supply their kitchens primed which along with fitting and painting, is included in the price. Handmade Kitchens Direct supply their kitchens bare which means they need to be primed on site before the painting system starts. Along with this, the interiors of the units would need to be oiled on site too.kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset

Priming, painting and completing the project

We get the primer/undercoat mixed to match the final colour. Once this is applied, it gives a great base for any filling and gunning in that is required. All units are then sanded flat as the timber will fur up on the first couple of coats. The second coat acts as an undercoat with the system we use. This also gives the perfect base for the application of the topcoats. The topcoats are lacquer based and can be supplied in a 10% and 30% sheen level to suit the clients taste. The internal surfaces of the units are prepared and two coats of Osmo oil applied. This not only protects the interiors, it also brings out the beauty of the wood.

kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset


Once all painting and oiling was completed the kitchen was reassembled. The protection was also removed and the kitchen was cleaned ready for use.


kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset


kitchen cabinet painter Bristol Somerset

As you can see from the final images, the kitchen looks stunning. Furthermore, it was completed in time for Christmas. hpkuk.com can offer this painting service nationwide including Ireland, Scotland and internationally. If you are in the process of buying a Handmade Kitchens Direct Kitchen and would like a costing for the painting project, please contact us for a free quotation.

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