Clive Christian Kitchen at a fraction of the cost

Have you ever wanted to be the owner of a Clive Christian kitchen but then seen the cost? It can be quite a shock!

One solution is The Used Kitchen Company Ltd where buying an ex-display or a second hand kitchen can save you thousands of pounds.

The Used Kitchen Company have an extensive and original online marketplace for used and ex-display kitchens. The concept of selling used and ex-display kitchens is the brainchild of founder Looeeze Grossman who created the business over 13 years ago. She wanted to encourage homeowners and showrooms to recycle their kitchens instead of abandoning them to landfill and it has proved a great success at every level.

Having now sold thousands of kitchens, The Used Kitchen Company prides itself on having the most experience in the business and has an excellent reputation for efficiency and customer service within the kitchen industry. If you want assistance to buy or sell a used kitchen or a free quotation, The Used Kitchen Company’s team of professional kitchen specialists are ready to assist you throughout the process.

Some kitchens may need adapting but with a good fitter and painter, no-one would ever realise it wasn’t originally created for your own space. Here is a ex-display Clive Christian Kitchen painted by us and we’re sure you would agree that it looks immaculate! The client also saved over £80,000!


Important things to remember when following this route and to achieve the best results is to commission a top class fitter who has experience in bespoke kitchens and a professional kitchen and furniture painter. This is where our specialist team members can help with your project. We can advise on the best colour palettes to use to achieve the look you require and transform your secondhand kitchen into a show piece. For those looking to make large savings on their new bespoke kitchen, visiting The Used Kitchen Company would be a great place to start. We  in turn can price from photographs of the kitchen that they supply making it easier to get an idea of the total costing. If you would like more information on how we can help with your kitchen project contact us on


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